64-bit Firefox

  • Mozilla quietly kills Firefox 64-bit for Windows, despite an estimated 50% of testers using it

    Start64!Mozilla Engineering Manager Benjamin Smedberg last Friday quietly posted a thread over on the Google Groups mozilla.dev.planning discussion board titled “Turning off win64 builds.” By Wednesday, Smedberg had declared that the 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows would never see the light of day.

  • Waterfox 16.0.1 is all 64-bit goodness

    Start64!The 64-bit Firefox variant Waterfox 16.0.1 is available, providing Windows users with a stable version of Firefox that’s optimized for 64-bit systems. The latest build finally appears 19 days after Firefox 16 itself released, and includes all the changes and improvements found in the 16.0.1 build of Firefox. However, it has already been effectively made out-of-date by the appearance of Firefox 16.0.2, which contains a critical security fix.

  • AutoProxy 64bit version

    Start64!AutoProxy the only fully automatic Proxy Configuration tool. AutoProxy automatically identifies the actual Network location and switches to the corresponding Profile changing the Proxy Settings, Default Printer and Default Home Page.

  • Waterfox, the 64-bit Firefox, is not in beta

    Start64!THE WHISPERED ABOUT Mozilla 64-bit web browser called Waterfox is not a beta, despite appearances, but is a release candidate. Waterfox has progressed in fits and starts and the latest candidate came out earlier this month. However it was incorrectly labeled as a beta release.

  • Got Windows 64-bit and want the latest Firefox? Try Waterfox 11 instead

    Start64!Hot on the heels of the slightly delayed official unveiling of Firefox 11 FINAL comes Waterfox 11.0, an optimized build of the Firefox source code for Windows 64-bit users. Waterfox 11.0 contains exactly the same updates as Firefox 11 (see below), plus one major change of its own, a switch from AMD’s Core Math Library (ACML) to the AMD LibM library, which is optimized for 64-bit processors.

  • Fast Firefox faceoff: Nightly vs. Pale Moon vs. Waterfox

    Start64!Although computers running the 64-bit version of Windows 7 have become more common, there aren't many Windows-compatible browsers compiled to run on 64-bit processors. (The exception for now has been Internet Explorer 9.) - Although computers running the 64-bit version of Windows 7 have become more common, there aren't many Windows-compatible browsers compiled to run on 64-bit processors. (The exception for now has been Internet Explorer 9.)

  • Waterfox: Your New & Speedy 64-bit Version Of Firefox

    Start64!Today’s browsers are constantly trying to improve and beat their competition. This ranges from behind-the-scenes changes to improved speed or standards support, user interface changes for a cleaner look, or even the addition of entirely new features.However, the developers of all those browsers haven’t been very active (or successful) in one type of improvement that could potentially bring some massive results: going from 32-bit to 64-bit.

  • MuvEnum Address Bar - 64bit support

    Start64!The MuvEnum Address Bar saves you time by making it super easy to quickly open files, folders, programs, websites, bookmarks, browsing history, web searches, and more from your Windows taskbar!

  • Is there an x64/64-bit version of Firefox?

    Start64!Summary: Yes, but …
    ‘Is there an x64/64-bit version of Firefox?’ I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. So is there an x64/64-bit version of Firefox available. The short answer is yes. Oh, you wanted more. Yes, but …

  • Use a 64-Bit PC? Instead of Firefox, Try Waterfox 9.0

    Start64!Earlier this year I wrote about Pale Moon, a version of Mozilla's popular Firefox browser that's optimized for extra speed on Windows. - Besides its focus on speed, another interesting difference in Pale Moon is that it's available in a 64-bit version, where Firefox is not--at least not with an officially supported release.

  • Firefox Source Code Is So Big, It Hit the 32-Bit Virtual Address Space Limit

    Start64!Mozilla, or rather the Firefox team, is facing a somewhat unusual problem that is holding up development in some cases. Firefox can't reliably be compiled because the linker runs out of virtual address space. The problem stems from the fact that Firefox is built on 32-bit machines which can only access a limited amount of memory even with larger amounts of physical memory.

  • Can't wait for Firefox 64-bit? Try Waterfox 8

    Start64!Each new release of Mozilla’s Firefox brings improved performance to this popular open-source web browser. But despite these welcome tweaks, Firefox remains hobbled in one major respect: it’s resolutely 32-bit.

  • Fetching 64-bit Mozilla builds for Linux

    Start64!Takeaway: If you visit the Firefox website and download the build for Linux, you will receive a 32-bit version of the browser. For someone trying to avoid compatibility libraries, there has to be another way — and there is.

  • Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin - 64bit support

    Start64!Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin allows you to use Windows Media Player inside of Firefox. It is backwards compatible with the old 6.4 Windows Media Player. And among other things has the following new featues: Robust design that addresses all of the known issues with the old plug-in; Windows Media Player will now work with Firefox on Windows Vista; and Support for the Windows Media Player OCX scripting interfaces.

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