Start64!Kruptos 2 Professional is a powerful and easy to use file encryption utility that can securely process any number of files or folders in a single operation.

 Kruptos 2 Professional 64bit version


  • 128/256 bit file encryption using the Blowfish encryption algorithm.
  • Processes any number of files and all known file types.
  • Powerful and easy to use project explorer.
  • No back doors, hidden keys or any other method of decoding the encrypted data without the correct password.
  • Windows Explorer plug-in which allows your ot encrypt/decrypt/shred using the power of standard Microsoft Windows Explorer. It integrates into Windows Explorer and allows you to work with your important files using Explorer's context menu.
  • You can decrypt a file, have Kruptos 2 automatically open it and then re-encrypt the file once you have finished editing it, all with a single button press.
  • Self-extracting encrypted files. These are executable programs (EXEs) that contain encrypted files and the software necessary to decompress the contents. Users can decompress the contents of a self-extracting file simply by running it like any other program. All that is needed is the correct password.
  • Thoroughly delete files and remove all traces from your PC in a secure way using the Shred facility, so that they cannot be recovered by common undelete tools.
  • Optionally disguise filenames when you encrypt them, what's more you can view the original filename by simple selecting View Original Filename from the Options menu, enter you password and the original password will be displayed.
  • Enter an optional password hint when encrypting files, this hint can then be retrieved at a later date by simply selecting View Hint from the Options menu.


Kruptos 2 Professional 64bit version


Kruptos 2 Professional 64bit version
Kruptos 2 Professional - 64bit software

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